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Beaverton Schools


Montclair Recess Rules


"We are safe - responsible - respectful" 

All adults on duty will be moving throughout the playground to help and monitor students at all times. 

1. Safety, Safety, Safety!!! General rules for the playground:

a. No kicking any balls on the blacktop and covered areas. Field only.
b. No running “tag” games on the blacktop, covered areas or play structures.
c. Stay on the playground and school property where teachers can see you at all times.
d.. No throwing bark chips. Bark chips stay on the ground.
e. No wrestling, fighting, pretend fighting, pushing, shoving, grabbing or holding.
f. Always look out for other students before entering into an activity or play area.
g. Use one or more hands on the bars at all times.


2. Responsible Behavior:

a. All games and activities are open to everyone, please include your schoolmates.
b. Take turns and remember to play by the school rules in games and sports.
c. If someone gets hurt, find an adult right away.
D. All playground equipment is to be used properly. If you don’t know, ask an adult.
e. Slides are for going down only, feet first and one at a time.
f. “Watch Out” around swings and stay back a good distance while waiting your turn. *Sitting on swings only, facing blacktop, no side to side or rolling up the chains.
g. Jogging trail, keep moving (NO STOPPING) on the trail. Do not go out gates. * Do not talk to strangers on campus and report any dogs or strangers to adults.
h. All recess equipment must be PUT AWAY at the end of EVERY recess. Everyone helps.

3. Respectful Behavior:

a. Listen to adults and follow their directions.
b. No loud yelling or screaming anywhere at school or on the playground.
c. Share all the equipment with your schoolmates at all times.
d. Use caring and supportive words when working out problems on the playground.
e. Get an adult’s help if you can’t resolve a problem. “Rock, Paper, Scissors” works well.
f. Take turns and follow all the school rules. All Adults on duty will be moving throughout the playground to help and monitor students at all times.